Parivartan Education Research & Welfare Society (NGO) (PERW&S) has always emphasised on giving special focus on BPL and unemployed Youths and Females. Empowering women with awareness of services provided by the Federal & State Govts and pushing them forward to improve their Independent Decision Making Capability is often seen as our main objective of the projects we conduct.

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About Us

Parivartan is an NGO formed in 2010 with mission to bring positive and optimistic PARIVARTAN (change) within social, cultural, educational and economical life of people of the country. The organisation has successfully established its existence in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Rajasthan and Odisha. We have mainly taken Livelihood promotion through Vocational Training programs for Youths and Women.

Our Vision

To advance the society towards change for the betterment of its people in the field of educational, social, cultural and economical sector.

    Our Mission
  • To Prepare Skilled Work Force in the Country and Get their Skills Certified
  • To Widen the Ambit of Education for the Rural and Urban Poor and Unreached.
  • To Provide Awareness regarding Social, Cultural and Health Issues
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